This is me, and an old-school "home page" website. The purpose being to wave a flag about me on the Internet, and let any mildly curious/psychotically bored individuals know where I am.

There are very few Pavlings in the country (or indeed, the world), so if you got here searching for my name, you can be pretty sure you've got the right one.

But just in case you're not sure, I've lived in Elm Park, Essex; Walpole St. Andrew, Cambs; several places around Surrey, in particular, Surbiton; Whitchurch, Hampshire; and now in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. I've worked at MFI, Kings Lynn; French Kier, Wisbech; Reed, Tolworth; Park Human Resources/Work Communications, London; and on lots of Ruby/Rails/web-development contracts (Virgin Media, BAESystems Detica, General Assembly) all over the place. Oh, and there's a photo of me (from a few years ago) in the top-right corner!


After 15 years selling my soul in corporate IT departments, I have taken the plunge into the freelancing world to weigh that work:life balance properly. I'm now working for myself on a range of IT- and web-related contracts, and trade under the name of "Affront Ltd." — it seemed appropriate ;-)

I've served my time in front-line support, and still get roped-in sorting out friends and family's home PC problems, and getting their Internet access or wireless lan working. At heart, I do like to occasionally spend Sunday afternoons locked away in a heavily air-conditioned comms room, cabling up servers and switches. (But then I've never claimed not to be a little geeky)

I've found myself using tools ranging through Excel macros, DOS batch files, ASP, VB6, AppleScript, Exchange CDO, VB/C# .Net, SQL, PHP, and pretty much any other scripting language that happens to be bundled with whatever operating system or platform I'm using at the time.

These days I'm working mostly as a Ruby on Rails programmer, and have spent a lot of time teaching programming and web development at General Assembly.


Let's sum it up in one word: ski.

I qualified as an ENISSCHAG level 1 ski instructor in Sept '04, and am happiest to be on snow anywhere, at any opportunity.

If only ski instructing paid the same as computer programming.

When I'm not bundled up in many layers and doped-high on ibuprofen, I progressed to 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon-do. My wife and I run "Little Dragons" classes in schools near home.


There are very few people I would hold up as objects of admiration, but if you force me to name names, you should find out more about these guys:

Bill Hicks

Henry Rollins

Robert A. Heinlein

... or drop me a line to ask me why. Buy me a beer and I'll tell you everything you didn't really want to know.


"The slanderer is guilty in that he speaks ill of a man behind his back; and the man who listens to him is guilty in that he takes his word without troubling to find out the truth.
The slandered person suffers doubly — from the disparaging words of the one and from the belief of the other that he deserves the disparagement."

Herodotus, The Histories.


Please feel free to use any of the methods below to get in touch with me
(particularly if we used to know each other, but haven't spoken in years).




+44 (0)7768 303276


Fordingbridge, Hampshire